21 | 06 | 2024


Introducing the Mercury Racing MAX5. This custom five blade wheel, developed and hand-crafted by the Mercury Racing Propeller Lab, is custom designed for single and multiple engine applications including the Verado 400R outboard and 600 SCi sterndrive. The Lab Finished MAX5 provides a measurable reduction in propeller slip, (up to a staggering 12% in some applications).

The 15-inch diameter MAX5 is offered in a pitch range of 23 to 34 inches in one-half inch increments. The one-half inch pitch offerings enable engines to be dialed-in to their maximum rpm operating range for enhanced throttle response, optimized cruise fuel efficiency and top speed. The stainless steel prop features the Mercury patented Performance Vent System® (PVS). PVS® enables the user to fine-tune the amount of venting needed for quick planing.


Bravo I® FS

GET DIALED-IN WITH MERCURY RACING® PRO FINISHED BRAVO I FS PROPELLERS. Designed for outboard and sterndrive applications, the stainless steel propellers deliver unmatched time-to-plane performance, mid-range punch, mid range cruise and top-end speeds for outboard bass, flats, cat flats, bay boats, offshore center consoles and sterndrive deck and vee bottoms under medium to heavy load. New 20.5” and 21.5” pitch offerings expand the popular Bravo I FS range – providing precision tuned performance
for single engine OptiMax and Verado applications.


Bravo I®

The Mercury Racing® Lab Finished® Bravo I propeller offers great planing performance, excellent mid-range speeds and awesome top end speeds.  Propeller specialists blue print these popular Bravo One, X, XR and Sport Master sterndrive and Verado outboard propellers by thinning blade surfaces in specific areas, modifying the leading and trailing edges and balancing the propeller – all for maximum efficiency. The propellers provide top performance in a variety of performance boat applications.


Maximus® ST (Short Tube)

Designed for sterndrives and big horsepower outboards, the Mercury Racing® Pro Finished®Maximus ST (short tube) propeller is available in 24″ to 34″ (even) pitch sizes in both left and right-hand rotation. It features a cut-down diameter (15.6” to  15.3”) and a shortened exhaust tube for enhanced performance. The Maximus ST is rated for up to 600 h.p.



Mercury Racing propeller specialists have enhanced the performance of the five-blade Maximus propeller to strategic Lab Finishing specifications for maximum performance.


Bravo Three® XR

This robust set of counter rotating, stainless steel propellers was designed for use on big boats with big power. A large diameter four-blade front propeller coupled with a smaller diameter, three-blade rear propeller provides unmatched acceleration, tracking and handling. Enormous cup built in to the trailing edges of both front and rear props results with tremendous planing performance and enhanced fuel economy. The enhanced cup is especially useful for high torque diesel applications.


Pro Finish 5-Blade CNC Cleaver

Offshore racers and poker runners looking to maximize their hull performance turn to Mercury Racing’s CNC machined cleaver sterndrive propellers.

The highly polished props are the result of a need for a durable propeller design with stamina to transfer the massive torque and surface piercing impact of the Mercury Racing’s revolutionary quad cam four valve (QC4v) sterndrive engine packages.


Pro Finish 6-Blade CNC Cleaver

Offshore racers and poker runners looking to maximize their hull performance turn to Mercury Racing’s CNC machined cleaver sterndrive propellers. The popular 6-blade CNC cleavers are available with 15, 18 or 21-degree blade rake angles, offered in 1550 hp, 1200 hp, 900 hp, and 600 hp ratings.